A Piece of Soul Through the Heart-A Souls Journey


Loretta M. Herrington has over 25 years of government, corporate and non-profit experience in:

• Business & Organizational Leadership
• Business Development & Corporate Outreach
• Human Capital Management
• Government Affairs & Relations
• Project Management

Business Administration Degree (B.A.)
California State University,
Fullerton, CA

Associate Certificate
• Project Management Principles.


Co-Founder American Georgian Travel Group (AGTG)
Rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle

Loretta Herrington is the wife of a retired Marine Corps Colonel, a former government executive, small business owner, and an old soul with a youthful spirit.


She had the good fortune to live in Japan and to travel abroad extensively. Her work with diverse cultures in the United States, and overseas has gifted her with life experiences unlike any others – that she views with a global lens.


Loretta develops deep emotional bonds with her friends and gravitates toward people who share her values. Loretta believes life is not arbitrary and everything happens for a reason – on many levels that may not be clear at the time.

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