A Piece of Soul Through the Heart-A Souls Journey
Its been a while….

Its been a while….

It’s been sometime since I’ve written a blog for you my readers and listeners.

I realized that I had to take a deeper look into my life’s soul path.

I often do this when a year ends, and a new year begins. This time, it took me a bit longer to reflect and find a pathway to where I want to put my energy…including updating my book Piece of Soul through the Heart…A Soul’s Journey.

Here’s what I discovered during my “time out.” I find myself relying more and more on my intuition and more importantly recognizing a bad fit when I see it or feel it.  Not as many people are coming into my life. Have I learned from those who have and now my soul is settling down?  I don’t think so.  My soul is leading me to international settings in Eastern Europe.

More to come.

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